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PP woven bags
- Garbage bags
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- Sand bags
- Potato bags
- Transparent bags
- Agricultural bags

PP woven garbage bags can be used for packing household garbage, industrial waste, construction debris, expanded clay, breakstone, sand, cotton, grass, foliage, etc.

1)Made of  recycled  material
2)Color:  green, grey, brown, red, white, etc.       

3)Size:  40x60cm, 45x75cm, 50x90cm, 55x95cm, 55x105cm, 60x100cm, 70x120cm,  90x130cm, etc.
4)Top:  heat cut or hemmed or with drawstring  

 5)Bottom:  double fold single stitch
6)Packing:  500pcs-1000pcs/bale

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green pp woven garbage bags for building waste
green pp woven garbage bags for construction debris
green pp woven garbage bags for construction waste
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